Teen Intervene

What is Teen Intervene?

Teen Intervene is an evidence-based, early intervention program for teens who have begun experimenting with drugs & alcohol. Unlike other programs, which focus primarily on preventative skills, and information, Teen Intervene directs attention to problems which have already occurred.

Who is it appropriate for?
While Teen Intervene may not be appropriate for students and adolescents who show signs of chemical dependency, it is appropriate for students and adolescents who have displayed mild to moderate risky behaviors involving drugs or alcohol. This program is NREPP (National Registry of Evidence-based Prevention Practices) certified.

How does it work?
Teen Intervene takes place in a private setting, provided by the school, or referral agency, between a trained Prevention Specialist, and the adolescent experiencing substance abuse issues. It is modeled in a Motivational Interviewing format, encouraging participants to take a look at their own strengths, to provide encouragement in making positive choices, and gives personalized feed-back designed to help the adolescent cope with issues leading to negative behavior. In each of the three 1 hour sessions, a trained Prevention Specialist will engage the adolescent in open dialogue regarding;

  • frequency and quantity of substance abuse behaviors
  • setting reachable goals for improving their particular situation
  • risks and benefits of continued or discontinued behaviors
  • overcoming barriers to progress
  • strategies for staying clean and sober.

Confidentiality and Parent Involvement Release forms and permission slips must be signed at the time of a first session. Whether the student has been referred to treatment by their school or community group, parent or guardian permission is required. This program takes privacy very seriously. In order for teens to engage in open, honest discussion with their counselor, an environment of trust is essential. Any information discussed in these sessions is confidential, unless the student waives that right in a written release form. Teen Intervene offers the option of the 3rd session involving the adolescent, counselor, and parent. This final session offers a time for airing concerns felt by the parent, and adolescent. Each is encouraged to make a formalized plan regarding future instances of substance abuse, and how to proceed and move on from what lead to the intervention. Ultimately, this session is optional, and adolescents have a right to refuse. We encourage a third session regardless of parent attendance, to ensure a full recovery for the adolescent. Schools and community agencies have the option of referring students and adolescents individually, on a case by case basis.

Our Prevention Department also offers no-fee contracts, to provide continuing services. For more information, please call 585.991.5012, and ask for the Prevention Department. For more information regarding the Teen Intervene program itself, please visit: http://www.hazelden.org/web/public/teenintervene.page



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