CASA-Trinity has Coalitions in each of the communities that are served. Coalitions are made up of key stakeholders within the community that have a passion for substance abuse prevention. The goals of the Coalitions is to make sure that a well-rounded strategy is created toward the prevention of substance abuse in schools and communities.

The Coalition conducts student survey, adult/parent surveys, focus groups and collects data from additional resources to make sure that the message to the community is accurate and credible. The data that is collected is discussed and the strategies are formed with input from the community.

The Coalition also provides educational opportunities for communities by hosting events. Workshops on Opioids, town hall discussions, Recovery 5Ks, Cool Ride to the Prom are all some of the things that the Coalition organizes.

Below are some key publications that are sponsored by the Coalitions:

For more information about how to participate in your communities Coalition, please visit their webpage. To sign up for additional resources, please click here.


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